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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  September 11, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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[background sounds] ♪ ♪ will: back on set here in lower man hat tan, we're joined on "fox & friends" with frank siller as we have been the past hour. we'll hear one more marking of the cash of flight 93 in a few moments. where are you right now? where are you, where are your thoughts as we bring this --
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>> well, after that moment of silence, of course, i think -- i know that was the moment i lost my brother. i go back to a few hours afterwards when i had gathered all my siblings to my house, because i knew it was very bad. and i got a call from a firefighter who lived a couple doors away from my brother, and he said, frank, it's really bad down here. and i said, yes, richie, i know. stephen's on the list of missing firefighters, and i knew that, because i was searching already to get answers. and i said, yeah, richie, i know. he says, you don't know. you just don't know. nobody's coming home. and i had to walk into the other room and tell my three sisters and my brothers that stephen wasn't coming home. and stephen was our little brother. our parents died when he was 10 years old. he was as much a son to me and my sisters as he was a brother. and i'll never forget that moment, but we made a conscious
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decision to get off our knees, to get up and to do something, and we ended up doing the tunnel to towers foundation in his honor, honor all those. he has inspired our family to be better people. rachel: i know how much your faith has played in your ability to handle this. >> my faith is exactly how we've gotten through this, for sure. pete: a great story to share, too. >> father mychal judge, he was the chaplain at the new york city fire, he gives a homily or a speech in the bronx fire department, and this is what he said: that's the way it is. good days and bad days. up days, down days. sad days, happy days. you never know, but it's never gonna be a boring day. you do what god has called you to do, you show up. you have no idea what god is calling you to do, but he needs you, he needs me, and he needs all of us. and i think that's what he's
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saying today, god needs you, he needs me, and he needs all of us to make sure we never forget and that we come together as a country to make sure that this never happens again. pete: as someone who understood on 9/10 what needed to be done on 9/11. >> he was ahead. he knew. and i think if we turn our lives towards god as a country, that we will find the right answers in everything we do. pete: amen. rachel: you've done so much good, frank. pete: we conclude our program with the fourth bell ringing to observe flight 93 crashing near shanksville, pennsylvania, and a moment of silence. brink -- [background sounds] rachel: well, we thank you for joining us for today's special
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coverage and remembering the 9/11 attacks and all those innocent americans who lost their lives. will: appreciate you being with us. we appreciate having frank sill orer sit with us on this day in this location. it's an honor to have you into your home to remember this day, 21 years ago today. pete: thank you all, never forget -- rachel: and never again. pete: go to church, we pass it off to maria bartiromo. rachel: maria in. maria: thanks very much, team. good morning, everyone. as we are remembering the victims of september 11th all day today, 21 years since the worst terrorist attack on our great country. joining me right now as we look back as well as look ahead is gop leaderrer kevin mccarthy, the house minority leader, and congressman from california. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning, maria. we spend this time, everyone
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who's old enough knows exactly where they were at this very moment. they knew what they watched with the tower coming down and another. we can never forget, but we can never forget just those nearly 3,000 souls we lost. the heroes. those who ran into the building. the innocents that just went to work. or those on flight 93, the todd beamers, who when they found out what was going on, they gave their own life just as those first responders did to save us on the ground. and what we truly need to remember is why did these terrorists do this to us? they wanted us to be aparade. they wanted america to be afraid. but what did we do after this moment? maria: yeah. >> we didn't choose fear, we chose freedom. we should remember what we did the next day and the next day. we unitedded as one nation. we put our political participants aside -- parts aside. we worshiped together. we united together.
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people signed up to go to the military. people came down to dig out those towers. in one of the darkest moments of america, it showed some of the greatest character of americans. maria: yes. >> and i hope as we honor their lives and look back to this, that we do never forget because as school starts again, every new person going to college was not alive when took place. if we never want it to happen again, we must remember what took place 21 is years ago. maria: yeah, i think this is a really important point, that so many of your young people were not here on this fate ifful day, september 11th, 2001. we are looking back today, but we are also looking a ahead. and unfortunately, as we look ahead, we see policy in place today, congressman, that has put the country in a more result potential position. the botched withdrawal of afghanistan sparked our adversaries to get with on the move. and let's not forget that it's also a ten years ago today that
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was the deadly benghazi terrorist attack as well many which the u.s. ambassador to libya, christopher stephens, and three other americans were killed. we are remembering that as well as we look ahead to try to understand what kind of policy is best to keep this great nation protected. it doesn't feel that way right now. >> it doesn't. and remember, at that moment 21 years ago today we had a commander in chief that united the country instead of dividing the country. foreign policy matters. you brought up a very good point,, ten years ago today what happened in benghazi. you watch what happened in afghanistan; that botched action. why didn't we have -- why did we close bagram? why did we allow those prisoners to get out in why would we even close in the summer and withdraw? why would we withdraw without bringing out all the americans first? all these decisions should actually be investigated so they
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don't get repeated. now i have a real concern, the aggression of china, russia now into ukraine. even on our southern borders cartels becoming stronger by the day. but now we have an administration that is negotiating with the regime in iran. when we had such progress with the abraham accords to reverse that, it's wrong. and that is a real concern of what will happen in the future. if you want to know about 21 years ago today, you've got to pay attention to what is happening now -- maria: yeah. >> -- so in the future nothing like that happens again. maria: well, and i'm glad you wrought up the -- brought up the iran deal. we're going to be talking with mike pompeo, former secretary of state, who put in place those abraham accords, protections against china, protections against iran, and yet right now we understand that this administration is just days away from confirming that the u.s. will get back into this iran
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deal. you're the head of the gop, congressman, the minority leader. have you been consulted at all? are they going around congress to jam through this deal even though poll after poll, general after general tells us how dangerous it is to get back in business business with iran and get revenue flowing to this terrorist nation once again? >> they've never briefed anybody in washington. i have not been briefed on this. moving forward, why wouldn't you consult -- and you are supposed to based upon the laws that we have passed -- consult congress and the senate. because i think they're taking actions x i do not want this to be the part, but you want to bring -- are they trying to get the iranian oil back into the market to try to lower the gas price based upon stopping production in america? are they going to provide iran with money to fund terrorism around the world? with such progress we made in the last administration with the
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abraham accords where we found peace in the middle east was growing, to make that reverse course has actually made the world less safe. and when we look towards the future, this is very concerning. because think about in these negotiations, the biden administration went to russia to allow russia to negotiate. what is russia currently doing in ukraine? do they have the best interests of america? so why wouldn't you use american representatives, those that have the voices that the people have lent to? why couldn't they oversee this or be briefed on this to have any idea if america should move forward with any agreement with iran? maria: yeah. and china is an equally disturbing story particular particularly given all of the reports of the influence peddling with the biden family, and here we are rolling over on china in so many ways, canceling the initiative, etc. what are you going to do in terms of foreign policy?
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i know you are very close to unveiling your four-pillared commitment to america. what is it? what can you tell us about it? does it include foreign policy initiatives to get this country back strong the way it was and not in a vulnerable position? if. >> yes, maria. we think an election and even the policies today should make america stronger. and what we've watched from the democratic policies, their wasteful spending, i mean, their wasteful spending has brought inflation. the rising costs of everything you want to buy from not only your gas, but in the grocery stores, every american should ask themselves, could they afford to give up one month's salary? most people would say no, but do you realize that's been taken from you because of how high inflation is? based upon the democratic spending? and they were the only ones to pass this american rescue plan. but they were warned by larry summers, steve ratner calls it the original sin of inflation.
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so we will come out with the commitment to america, that if you would trust us with the majority, what would we do? first of all, we would stop inflation, make america energy independent and lower your gas price. we would build a nation that is safe. we've watched the democratic policies making it the deadliest in america in the last 20 years. we wouldn't defund the police, we would fund the police. we would not allow these prosecutors to not uphold the law. we would also create a country that is free based upon freedoms. we look at big tech and others. then we would fundamentally have a government that is accountable. and we should have oversight of what is going on. we've watched this president have weak foreign policy. we've watched what he said when the speaker was going to go to taiwan. he allowed china to speak to us in a manner they've never spoken to us before. we've watched them continue to grow. so we will build an economy that changes the supply chain from china and bring it back to america.
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these are just a few of the ideas that we will roll out in the commitment to america. so everybody can make a decision, do you want to keep down the pace of inflation, of rising crime, of a border that's not secure? i mean, you've covered the border better than most anyone, maria. you know what's happening on that border. you know people on the terrorist watch list, here we are 21 years away after 9/11, they're coming across this border from yemen and others. why are they coming to america, and what do they have planned? we've watched fentanyl now become the number one killer of americans between the ages of 18 and 45. that's coming from chemicals from china and funding the cartels inside mexico. maria: yep. >> do you realize 300 people are dying a day from fentanyl? that's a plane crashing every day. this administration doesn't believe it's a crisis. we will secure that border. maria: i'm glad you mentioned the feint that would because there's an important story that took place in your district, i'm
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going to get to that in a moment. but we're pretty much at this point on campaign season, right? campaign season has now kicked off. i know not a lot gets done in the coming couple of weeks for you and your colleagues in terms of policy because we are now gearing up, 56 days away from the midterm nexts. i want to play a sound bite from one of your colleagues on the left from new york, representative maloney, who feels you're not going to be able to do any of that, that you just discussed, your commitment to america, because he thinks the democrats are going to keep pushing forward with their policies. listen to this from representative maloney, watch. >> >> democrats going to hold the majority in the house? >> yes. we're going to hold the majority in the house because we have a plan to fix the problems our country is facing. maria: no word on who caused the problem, congressman. what is your response? >> well, it's very clear they caused the problems. inflation goes directly back to the american rescue plan that
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only democrats voted for. do you know where they sent the money? they sent the money even to prisoners inside the jails. the boston bomber, he got a check from the democrats. did that help the economy or only bring great with canner inflation? they have no plan to fix it. in the commitment to america, we will stop inflation. maloney says they're going to keep the majority. maybe the race is more competitive. but i think even maloney's race has has a really hard -- has a really good chance of us defeating him, even the head of the dccc. maria: you know, you talk about all of these issues, and you would think that these issues we all agree on. i mean, the border, for example. talk to us about what happened in your district. a young person, 13 years old, went to school with drugs in the backpack. what happened? >> this is so delaware stating, but it -- devastating. it just happened in bakersfield, california.
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don't think that your city is not a border citied to. every single city in america is a border city based upon the democratic policies of bringing millions of people across this border from 160 different countries. it's not just people. it's terrorists and now drugs. fentanyl if's the number one killer of americans between the ables of 18 and 45. in a junior high, we're talking about 13-year-olds, a 13-year-old brought 150 fentanyl pills disguised as another drug. when it was discovered, the counselor there luckily discovered it, when he picked the pills out, he od'd. not because he took the pills, simply because it touched them. that is how dangerous this is. this is happening in every single community in america, but our white house is doing nothing. that's why we need a new plan, a new direction for america that not only secures our border, but lowers our gas price, makes us energy independent. maria: yeah. >> it also brings us safe and
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secure in our streets. we're not safe to walk out anymore because the democratic policies actually cause the problem. defunding of the police. maria: right. >> not prosecuting. this no bail program. we want a new direction, and that's what a commitment to america will do. maria: i mean, these are issues that we all should be agreeing on. it's so ridiculous that we don't agree that a wide open border is dangerous. here we are on september 11th, and we're remembering 60 or 80 people got to the southern border, and they were on the terrorist watch list. and yet joe biden, rather than uniting us around these obvious issues, this is what we hear from joe biden and the white house over the last two weeks, listen to this. >> donald trump and the maga republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. but there's no question that the republican party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by donald trump and the maga republicans.
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maga republicans have made their choice. they embrace anger, they thrive on chaos. >> it wasn't divisive. the way that we saw the speech is that he was talking to majority of the country who agree that we have to protect our democracy. who agree that we have to protect our freedom, who agree that we have to protect our rights. maria: let me just point out the poll right now that we talk about the every day, 75% of the american people say that the country is headed in the wrong direction. i'm not sure what she's talking about right there in terms of speaking to the people who agree, but this is hardly unity, and this is what joe biden promised us on inauguration day, congressman. >> yes. i thought he was going to unite us. he has divided us further. we're more divided today than we were on his inauguration day. but listen to why. why do 70% of americans believe
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we're in the wrong correction? because -- direction? because you don't feel safe in the streets anymore based upon democratic policies. you've got drugs running throughout, you've got a cartel, you've got more than enough terrorists that have now come into our country on the terrorist watch list than we had on 9/11. and this is a democratic party that has no plan to fix it. but republicans do for a new direction. i think we need somebody that will not attack you based upon your political beliefs, but actually respect the difference of policy and unite us based upon that we are all americans. that's something we should remember today more than ever. but this president plays politics instead of putting people first. this election 56 days from now is not about republicans or democrats, it's about america, what type of america do you want. do you want one that respects each other's differences of opinion? getting ahead instead of everything costing more? there is 20 million americans today who can't afford hair
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electricity bill. maria: yep, yep -- >> -- challenging whether they can go to school, yes. maria: congressman, we have, what, 56 # days before the midterm elections. how are you feeling? what do you think you are looking at in these next 56 days? i know that you've been talking a lot about the candidates, a new, diverse portfolio of candidates. give us your sense of how you're feeling going into the midterms and what races we should be watching. >> this is going to be a competitive the race. no one gives you the majority, you have to earn it. but i think if people sit back and look and make a real decision based upon what's the future of america, do you want to continue where we've been going, the high cost of living, the unsecurity and unsafe inside your streets, or do you want something different? we have a very inclusive group of people who are running across this country. i believe republicans will take the majority, yes. why? our policies are stronger. not based upon party, but based upon a stronger country that you want to bring jobs back to
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america. and if you just look a few months ago, mayra flores, in her election down in texas, never elected before, a district that biden won by more than 13 percentage points and obama won by 22, and 84% hispanic seat, and mayra flores is the first mexican-born woman elected to congress. that's pride inside this republican party. but that's not just one off. i believe you're going to see monica de la cruz also elected in texas, juan sis ca manny or john james in michigan. across this country republicans have one of the strongst number of people running for office that are qualified, that have served their nation after 9/11. john james went to west point. wesley hunt went to west point with him. jennifer green went to the air force attacked cadmy if -- academy. we have such a cadre of individuals, derek van orderren,
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navy seal. they have real leadership to know what america needs today. they've faced it before. they didn't have fear, they chose freedom, and that's exactly what we need in this next election in 56 days. maria: all right. we'll be watching all of that. by the way, we are talking with mayra flores from texas in the program this morning. she'll be on in about 15 minutes. we are also talking with herschel walker from georgia who is leading in his senate race right now against raphael warnock. we'll talk about that. and we will also speak with former secretary of state mike pompeo. congressman, thanks very much for joining us on this very important day. thank you. >> thank you, maria. but also happy birthday, maria. [laughter] maria: okay. thank you so much. i appreciate that, congressman. one thing happened on this day which was okay. thank you, kevin mccarthy, joining us there. [laughter] we'll see you soon. thank you. and we are awaiting the moment of silence to come right now for
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the victims of the north tower collapse of the world trade center. we want to bring in former secretary of state and fox news contributor mike pompeo. secretary, it's good to see you this morning. thanks very much for being with me. >> maria it's great to be with you this morning on this really somber, special day for america. maria: yes. and, of course, we will never forget. we are remembering the victims, we are remembering the first responders, we are remembering where america was 21 years ago. and i want to get your sense of how things have changed as well as your reflections on september 11th, because i just mentioned a moment ago we feel like we are vulnerable once again with a wide open border, terrorists, people coming through on the terrorist watch list. but, of course, it is also a today to remember how strong and courageous our first responders have been and are. they are our heroes. >> amen, maria. both of those should be done today. i remember the day too.
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it was horrific. we still grieve for the 3,000 americans that were killed in new york city that day and the attacks in pennsylvania and washington d.c. pleasure but i also remember it reminded us all that this is a nation worth fighting for, that the things we care about, the fundamentals of america are so special, so exceptional, so unique that we came together as a nation, and and we worked. the work we've done for the last 20 years to fight terrorism around the world has saved american lives. the work that our administration did for four years reduced that risk here at home to the american people with a safe and stronger southern border. those things unite the american people. we are the most special nation in the world. the world looks to us. and the american people deserve leaders who are prepared to stand up for those very values, those virtues that make america so unique. and on 9/11, 21 years when most of the soldiers who showed up at the marine recruiter's office were 1 or 2 or weren't even alive, we need to remind them
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why we serve. and when we do, we will unite this nation in ways that continue to deliver for this country for another 250 years. maria: secretary, it was only about a year ago when we had an incredibly botched withdrawal from afghanistan. if we saw what took place as a result of that show of weakness, our add adversaries appeared to get stronger including china. and i also want to point out that it is ten years ago today that the deadly benghazi terrorist attack took place as well, and that included the death of the ambassador to libya, christopher stephens, and three other brave americans who were killed on that day. your thoughts on the policy that needs to put america first once again. >> maria, i had the privilege to serve as a member of the benghazi committee where we investigated the government's failures, the fact that for 13 hours washington just watched while these amazing men fought to protect american freedom and to keep hair fellow americans
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safe there in that dangerous place of benghazi, libya. we lost 4 americans that night in the same way we lost 13 meshes -- americans just over a year ago. there are things worth fighting for. we don't always need to send the 82nd airborne to defend us, but when we are strong and capable and we listen to the things that matter and we don't let our military become connected to woke issues where the most important thing is that you have tanks that don't emit carbon, those are mistakes. these are the things that put the american people at risk. i think americans all across the country can see that as we sit here today on september 11th. we need to remember that this country is so special, that it is worth fighting for and that it is possible to achieve if we will have leaders who are prepared to actually articulate the things that bring americans together. maria: and look at what has takennen place since afghanistan and the withdrawal there. not just china on the march, but
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russia. secretary, is there something going on in russia right now that you can address? i understand there are rumors that they shut down can red square last night, something important is happening, communications were out last night. we know that they have continued their assault on ukraine. your thoughts on the situation in russia today. >> so, maria, i've seen that reporting as well. i can't confirm it. what i can say with near certainty is that the ukrainian forces in ukraine have made substantial advances over the last handful of days, put real pressure on the russian military in the streets. i i saw data that also suggested there may have been as many as 50,000 russian soldiers killed. that's almost the same number we lost over a decade in vietnam. there is enormous pressure on the russian leadership, president zelenskyy has done a fantastic job of rallying his people. had the united states done the right work, had we been able to
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deter vladimir putin opinion or even today deter him from continuing this aggression, we could protect and preserve europe and all the things that are driving costs in the united states we could make go away too. america has the capacity to do it, we know this. maria: i want to take a pause as the nation observes a moment of silence in honor of the victims of the north tower collapse. ♪ [background sounds] [background sounds]
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♪ maria: welcome back. and we are back with former secretary of state mike pompeo, also a fox news contributor. and, sec or tear, i want to get your take on where we are in terms of foreign policy around iran. we know that today, september 11th, 21 years later after the worst terrorist attack on our country, and the country of iran is the largest supporter of terrorism. and yet this administration seems to be this close to getting the u.s. back into an iran deal despite all of your efforts including the abraham accords which brought peace to the middle east for the first time in a long time. what do you know about the iran deal and how close it is, in fact? >> maria, we know that they desperately want to, the biden administration desperately wants to get back into this deal to vindicate what president obama had done.
7:34 am
we also know this would be incredibly dangerous for the united states and for our ally in the region, israel. it would give hundreds of billions of dollars to the largest state sponsor of terror, to the very nation that today, maria, we forget this, today the al-qaeda leadership, the folks who killed americans 21 years ago, the operational headquarters for al-qaeda today sits inside of iran. it sits in tehran, and we're about to give them all this money and resources none of which will go to the iranian people, all of which will go total kleptocrat, islamist regime running that country. it would be devastatingly dangerous for americans and really bad for peace and stability in the middle east as well. maria: i mean, just the fact that there is a $1 million bounty on your back, a plot by the iranians to take you down, the fact that this administration is still even entertaining talking with these terrorists about this negotiation is just, to me, i'm just, i'm speechless.
7:35 am
>> well, maria, this is obviously personal to me as well, but it is much bigger than that. they've come after other americans here as well. our government has not done nearly enough to protect americans in syria with, in iraq and here at home as well. it's the responsibility of our government to protect the american people. ask to now enter this deal, right, negotiated with the russians and chinese as our partners and the iranians now sending drones to the russians to kill ukrainians while we're sending money to ukraine to defend them, this is just crazy on stilts and truly dangerous. it undermines all the great work we did to build up missions that said we want peace with -- nations that said we want peace with israel. they understood that peace and prosperity in the middle east was a goo -- good thing, and we have undermined that by giving money to their adversaries. it would be an enormous mistake.
7:36 am
i pray that the administration won't do that. maria: well, there is the same group in the obama administration now in the biden administration pretty much running the show. there are rumors that valerie jarrett will eventually become the chief of staff to the president. this is a rumor in washington. i don't know if it's true. but they already have people like anthony blinken and susan rice running things. these were the very people in charge of the iran deal under the obama administration. >> yes, maria. it is, it's largely the same cast of characters. they frankly, i think in part, want to get back in this just because we decided to withdraw from it, so this is vindication, not common sense or good american strategy. it will give them the capacity to build up not only a nuclear weapon, but a nuclear weapons program. and more than that, if they do, we will have nuclear proliferation from other country in the middle east as well. it is -- the ramifications of getting back into this deal are
7:37 am
staggeringly bad. both democrats and republicans know it. that's why they won't put this in front of congress or the senate. they know they would lose that vote. there's a handful of folks in the administration that believe in this almost as an article of faith, and they're walking away from rational american foreign policy that delivered safety and security for four years. for four years, maria, we didn't confront what we're about to confront, and it was because of good choices we made. maria: one of the most important policies, i believe, that you put in place and educated the american people about was around communist china. you were your administration on your watch, there was a string of indictments of people who were involved in a surveillance campaign. you shut down the embassy in houston, you talked to us about the happenings in the embassy, the chinese embassy in san francisco, and you saw accountability. you insured the that there was accountability for those people who were stealing intellectual property and having these
7:38 am
surveillance campaigns on america. what is the state of that situation today? because, of course d obviously, joe biden has canceled all of that, canceled the china initiative where we were, in fact, arresting and indicting those people who were involved in those surveillance campaigns. we no longer do that. >> maria, this was an important thing that we did during our four years. we understood that the chinese communist party was a threat to america from lots of dimensions, not the least of which was here at home, that they were inside the gates. so all the work you saw, that counterintelligence and counter-espionage work that you saw, the work that we did in houston, in san francisco all aimed at protecting american jobs. the chinese have grown their economy. the chinese communist party has grown its economy on the backs of the american people for decades, and we were the first administration that said, enough. we're going to fix this. we're going to put america at the front and americans at the front. this administration has withdrawn a lot of that work. i hope that they're actually doing things that i just can't
7:39 am
track because it's in a clan are destin setting. i hope they're continuing to understand that the chinese communist party continues to want to steal off stuff, undermine the way we live, and they are putting propaganda into our news feed in ways that have the real risk of taking our republic down. they're not 10 feet tall, we just have to be serious about it, maria. maria: do you think that we will be serious in this upcoming meeting? president biden is expected to meet xi jinping, i believe, at the g20 summit this november. do you think he'll hold him to account for -- [laughter] i mean, not just the surveillance campaign and all of the, what we're talking about, but how about the origins of covid-19 and insuring that this doesn't happen again? we can't even get into china for an investigation. >> maria, i, i see no evidence that president biden will act strongly on behalf of america when he meets with xi jinping. we saw in the previous meetings where they raked us over the coals, and we didn't respond.
7:40 am
we watched them threaten the speaker of the house when she just wanted to travel to taiwan, and we did almost nothing. we watched them shut down a pipeline, the russians shut down a pipeline in the southeast, we did nothing. the world is watching weakness, and when america is weak and won't stand up to shi vin pipping, won't do the things we need to do to protect america from this chinese communist party threat, the bad guys get the vote. and the vote they're making is continue to put on pressure, continue to undermine the way we live in america. on 9/11 we should remember that this nation is worth fighting for, we're wholly capable of doing it and americans will unite around freedom. when we are weak and we apologize for america, something never did for four years, maria, when we apologize, we undermine every person here at home. maria: sister very few people have the experience you do from being former secretary of state to the director of the cia and, of course, congressman from
7:41 am
kansas. secretary, thanks very much for being here this morning. we appreciate your time. >> thank you, maria. so long are. maria: okay. secretary mike pompeo. the world continues to pay tribute, meanwhile, to queen elizabeth ii. her coffin is set to arrive shortly in the throne room hollywood palace in scotland. martha maccallum has been doing tremendous reporting live in westminster, london. she is there once again this morning after having spent the weekend at buckingham palace. martha, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. good to be with you. maria: tell us what you're seeing on the scene as the coffin is being transported. how is the sentiment today? your reporting has been terrific. terrific. as you walked us through the reaction to the queen's passing. >> well, thank you. thank you so much, maria. this morning was a very significant morning. the queen's coffin seen for the first time as it pulled out of
7:42 am
the baits of -- gates of balmoral, her favorite home, her summer refuge, a place that she went as a child with king george vi and her mother, the queen mother. and then this really poetic, as jonathan hunt put it this morning, and i think he's exactly right, final journey all the way through the highlands of scotland, part of the united kingdom that was very dear to her, winding through these villages as people lined the streets. ministers bowed their heads as she went with by, very silent, very quiet in these towns as she moved through the streets in this cortege right behind the car, right behind the main hearse, i should say, was britain sense anne -- princess anne, her only daughter, and her husband. we understand they are going to arrive at the palace in edinborough, scotland, the capital of -- scotland, and she will lie in state there all the way through tomorrow. and then on tuesday evening will
7:43 am
come by plane to london where there will be four days of lying in state at westminster hall, maria. but prince charles called it her final journey. he had so many journeys throughout her life. i've been looking at images of her in india, australia, new zealand, canada, throngs of people when she was a young queen and all through through on the rafters, joining thousands of others who came out to see her. just an enormously popular individual around the world, someone who i think is really on a level with almost no one else in terms of the way they're revered around the globe and known around the globe. so i think this is going to be a very unparalleled funeral as we follow follow the story of her life heading to monday, a week from monday, when the funeral will actually take place, maria. maria: i think that's right, and i'm really glad you said it that way because the world lost an icon, an incredible woman who we all agreed upon being a unifier,
7:44 am
the strength of queen elizabeth was loved not just in britain, but throughout the world. so we are at a loss, and we send our prayers to rest in peace. marsha, thanks very much. martha, thanks very much. >> thanks, maria. good to see you. maria: martha maccallum in scotland. great to see you. in london, rather. that is what is happening this morning in britain, and we are this morning looking across the world and the safety of america. watch. >> i think that when we take back the house this fall, we definitely have measures that we can use. and this is why for people listening across the country, the senate elections in arizona, in nevada, in pennsylvania, in ohio, in new hampshire, they really matter. georgia as well. because you need a senate and a house that's going to hold this white house accountable. maria: and that was florida
7:45 am
congressman byron donalds speaking with me about two weeks ago on this program about what's at stake in these upcoming midterm elections. 56 days awayment let's take a look at the latest fox news senate power rankings, and they have five races in the top, the toss-up column including georgia where college football hall of famer herschel walker is looking to unseat democrat raphael warnock. herschel walker joins me right now. herschel, it's great to see you, thanks very much for being here this morning. >> hey, thank you for having me on, maria. maria: yeah. and we've been talking about september 11th and the great leadership of the first responders. we are also looking ahead to why we need to see a change in policy, herschel. assess the situation today, # 1 years after september 11th -- 21 years after september 11th, and what you want to see change in terms of policy there in georgia. >> well, you know, you've got to
7:46 am
pay tribute to the 9/11 victims, you know? but also you saw america come together. you saw america come together because this country was, you know, it was on a war with a country that didn't believe in us. and right now we have leaders in washington like joe biden doing venomous speeches that doesn't believe in american people. he trying to separate us. i'm running against senator warnock who says white people gotta apologize for white 'em, america gotta apologize for whiteness. you're looking for a vote. that's why i've byrne encouraging people, getting out and campaigning, letting people know that right now we've got to come together. right now, you were speaking about it earlier, china is our enemy. russia is our enemy. and if we continue to separate people, we're not going to be able to defend ourselves, you know in in the bible it says a house divided cannot stand. and that seems to be what
7:47 am
raphael warnock and joe biden want to do, is separate the people. i want to bring us together because we're good people, we can get things done, we can get it done together, and that's the reason i'm running. maria: welsh herschel, i'm really glad you brought up this racism issue, because this seems to be one of the key talking points for the democrat party. andi really look at your own race, when was the last time we saw two black men competing for a senate seat? but that's what you've got right now. herschel walker versus raphael warnock. people have a choice. tell us the difference and the choices that are at hand. >> well, and that's the thing, i don't think people really realize that this is something in history right here. this is, when you start talking about racism, when has this ever happened before? you have people wanting to continue to put kids down. my opponent, raphael warnock, want to bring wokeness into all the schools, tell white kids in school, you know what?
7:48 am
you've got to apologize for your whiteness. tell black kids, you know, you've been take taken advantage of. that's not right. we need leaders in washington that are gonna do the right things for our kids, for our men and women in blue, that are not going to tell our men in service that you can't serve god in the military at the same time. that's who the guy i'm running against have done. if you continue to vote for someone like that in washington, you're going to get the same higher taxes, you're going to get open borders, you're going to get men in women's sports, same old things we've been getting and right now it's not working. each though the people are saying we're headed in the wrong direction, they're doubling down. they don't care. they don't care. they don't care about the people that elected them to office, and that's the reason i've been telling people go to it is time for us to take the people's seat of georgia back and give it to myself so i can represent the people. the people are saying they want new leadership. they don't want someone who continue to go to washington and
7:49 am
his salary's going to double, his income's going to double because they have seen what he's done. what he's worried about is trying to get a vote. he's making a lot of money there in washington rather than worrying about the people. maria: tell me about that money, because they're working overtime trying to take you down, herr hell, and they've spent so much money -- rer shell, and they've spent so much money against you. is it up to $50 million? >> they've spent close to $50 million right now against me, and the race is virtually tied which is meaning the people of georgia saying they want new leadership. they're going to continue to do, to try to buy this seat. so he has everyone trying to help him out. and i want to say i'm going to continue to fight because i'm fighting for something much bigger than herschel walker. i'm fighting for your kids, my kids, i'm fighting for this country, i'm fighting for georgia. if we give up that seat, and i know maya angelou said it, when somebody tells you who they are, believe them. right now since raphael warnock
7:50 am
been in office, we've got higher taxes, higher gas prices, we've got the economy is terrible. right now crime has gotten bad, open borders. the country's going down. so he's showing us who he is right now, so it's time for us to get new leadership, and it's time for us to get people that is gonna fight for what is right. what is right is we're good people. what is right is if we stop this crime wave, with we've got to put emphasis back on our men and women in blue. the guy i'm running against called them names, called them bullies and thugs. you know, right now the morale in our men and women in blue is down. right now the morale in our military is down, and there's a reason, because we've got the wrong leadership in washington right now. maria: you know, it seems to me in of the issues that you're faced with there in georgia are the same that we're dealing with across the country. i mean, you mention crime. in atlanta you're talking about competitive numbers to chicago when it comes to crime, when it
7:51 am
comes to shootings. you don't even go out walking around to the mall, to the mark because you're afraid of -- to the park because of you're afraid of crime. do do you link part of it to the wide open border? tell me about the issues and what needs to be done regarding the border and crime. >> well, one of the things that people don't know, georgia's not a border state, but 70% of the drugs coming into this country goes through atlanta, georgia, and that's something that my opponent don't want to address. he don't want to address the border. have you noticed that? everyone on the left they don't want to address this economy, crime, men in women's sports, they don't want to address -- they'd rather talk about whether a man can get pregnant. that's not important. homicide in atlanta is up 47% since raphael warnock has gotten in office. rape is up over 200% since rafael raphael warnock got in office. he voted to send stimulus checks
7:52 am
to prisoners, to the boston bomber. they want to empower criminals and keep you prisoner in your own home. that's not right. that's not fair. i'm going to fight for my people. my people are all georgians, all citizens of the united states of america. i'm going to fight for them because we deserve to have the freedoms and liberties we were promised. and if we continue to have leadership like joe biden and r56 yell war knock who's cut from the same cloth, this is what we're going to get. they've shown that they're weak. maria: do you believe the communities throughout georgia understand this, herschel? i mean, i, i saw under president trump a huge support from the black and hispanic communities. do you see that this time around going into your midterms? >> well, i do see that it is changing. i see it's changing because i think that's one of the things joe biden and raphael warnock has continued to try to do, separate us, separate us like
7:53 am
we're totally different. black and brown is totally different than anyone else. well, that's not right. the black and brown, we want public safety, want school choice for our kids. we want to be able to go outside in the streets and be safe. that's one of the things i think they've forgotten is -- about, is we're the same as anyone else. but they continue to want to call you names if you totally disagree with them. i've been out meeting the people, and one of the things my wife told me, educate people, because the media is not my friend. it is amazing that they used to love herschel walker and now they don't. i don't care about that. i want people on the streets to be safe. i want them to go to the mall without having to hire a security guard to take you through the mall. i want every white kid in school to know you don't have to apologize for your skin color, every black kid to know you're not oppressed. you can still make it in this country here. this is the only country that you can make it in. maria: yes. >> as as long as you're willing to work, you can do whatever you
7:54 am
want to do. maria: herschel, that is my favorite maya angelou quote, when people show you who they are, believe them the first time. herschel walker, an honor to speak with you as always, sir. >> tell everyone to go to, and let's change and win the seat back for the georgia people. that's who the seat belongs to. maria: thank you, herschel. >> look at since biden has taken over. we have had the highest amount of illegal immigrants crossing our border that we have ever had in our history it's not an assumption. when you take away every tool in the toolbox that immigrations and custom enforcement have at their disposal, when you actively go after our remain in mexico policy, when you actively destroy the policies like title 42 set up under the last administration that were controlling the number of people coming over our border, it's not an assumption that you're going to have more people, it's an invitation. and we're seeing it on a daily basis. maria: yes, we are.
7:55 am
and that was congresswoman beth van duyne last week on this program on the impact that president biden's wide open border policies are having on communities across the country. over 2 million migrants have crossed the southern border that have been apprehended. that that's this fiscal year according to fox news sources. with a stunning 1.3 million listed as single adults. today we are reflecting on the events of september 11th, 21 years later. we are reminded of the dangers that still exist, of terrorists wanting to harm america. those numbers do not even include the gotaways. a staggering 66 people on the fbi's terrorist watch list have actually been apprehended at the southern border this fiscal year. with unknown more possibly slipping through, i am told by my border sources there is almost a million gotaways on joe biden's watch so far that have come into the country.
7:56 am
we are seeing them on surveillance cameras. let's bring in a woman who knows and is on the front lines, republican congresswoman mayra flores is with us. she represents texas' 34th district which sits along the border with mexico. congresswoman, thanks very much for joining us this morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. maria: assess the situation today. here we are talking about september 11th, 21 years later, and yet 66 people have been apprehended at the border who were on the fbi's terrorist list. >> exactly. it's heartbreaking. today we remember the thousands of lives that were lost and our first responders on 9/11. and this is not a humanitarian crisis, this is a national security crisis. and today we must remember that there is people still out will wanting to hurt americans, and that is why border security is so important. this should not be political. it is time that we come together
7:57 am
to secure the borders, keep the american people safe and also to keep immigrants safe. these immigrants are coming into this country and going through so much abuse. children are being raped at the southern border, and nothing is being done. maria: well, look, the biden administration claims they have a border czar named kamala harris. they claim that they are looking at a border that is secure according to alejandro mayorkas. what do you want to do, what can you do after the midterm elections in terms of fixing this situation? >> well, first of all, vice president cal la harris -- kamala harris has done nothing for us in south texas to secure the borders. she's useless. and at this point, you know, i'd rather her not come to south texas just because going to be in the way of our border patrol agents processing the women and children that have been raped. i'd rather her stay away because unless she's going to come here
7:58 am
to south texas for real solutions, i don't want her here, you know? i'm honestly very frustrated. i'm frustrated with the president, with the vice president that we've asked them, we've begged hem to come to south texas to come and see what they've done to us, what they've done to this country, and they've never cared to come here. at this point i'd rather them not come here anymore. we're very frustrated and, to be honest with you, fed up here in south texas. maria: well, your opponent, the democrat congressman, vicente gonzalez, i have not heard him say anything about the wide open border. what can you tell us in terms of the efforts to keep texans safe? and also you made a great point, the people who are coming here are taking this dangerous trek. every day we have more stories of migrants drowning in the rio grande. >> vicente gonzalez is a disgrace. he's done nothing for us here to secure the border. he pretends the, you know, that
7:59 am
it's not happening when we see it every single day in our backyards. and these people that are coming into our country are paying thousands of dollars to criminal organizations to come here to the united states, criminal organizations that have destroyed mexico. and these criminal organizations are also abusing and raping these women and children coming into the united states. like i said, you know, it's time that we come together because border security should not be political. you know, 9/11 happened. why? because we had terrorists that came to hurt americans, and these are the same terrorists that are coming into our country right now. this is a fact. you stated 66 under the terrorist watch list have been apprehended, apprehended. what about those that have not been apprehendedsome. maria: yes. >> those are the ones that i'm worried about because the women and men in border patrol are processing women and children. they're not able to protect the
8:00 am
border successfully. maria: yeah. >> because they're so focused on the crisis. maria: yeah. and you've got the mayors of new york and chicago and d.c. blaming greg abbott instead of joe biden. we didn't even get to the 10,000 pounds of fentanyl seized. we appreciate your time. mayra flores, thank you. have a good day, everyone. i will see you tomorrow on fox business. >> fox news alert, queen elizabeth's cat can debt is arriving at the scottish capital, will lie in state -- will lie at rest, i should say, at the palace of holyro to od house. joining us now from london, martha maccallum, she's in westminster. fox news correspondent congresshunt and i


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